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About Sea Safety

Sea Safety Engineering Services is a Marine based company, which services and supplies Marine life saving equipment such as Lifeboats, Rescue boats, Liferafts, Lifejackets, Fire extinguishers & Immersion suits.

It is managed by a team of experienced professionals and manufacturer trained engineers with the clear-cut policy of providing superior Quality services at reasonable prices and in a timely manner.

We represent several multinational companies; Norsafe AS - Norway, DSB - Survitec Company - UK, Secumar - GERMANY, Jiangyin Xinjiang - China, Zhenjiang Marine - China, ACEBI, Switlik Parachute Company - U.S.A. The relationship with these companies allows us to remain on the cutting edge of our profession.

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Sea Safety is currently operating from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Fujairah.

Our reputation, capabilities and experience have enabled Sea Safety to satisfy our many clients in our role as a service provider for Life saving Equipment - Inspection services. We strive to maintain and improve the high quality of our services by self - assessment, performance evaluation and technology up-gradation in order to deliver the highest level of service and value to our clients.

Sea Safety is ISO 9001:2015, QMS, certified and is in the process of certifying itself for OHSAS ISO 45001.

Sea Safety is approved by the National Transport Authority of Abu Dhabi and also by Classes; Lloyds Register (LR), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and Tasneef and BV.

Our Team

Sea Safety Core Team Members

Sea Safety Engineering Services was established in 1983 to provide quality Marine Life Saving Equipment and Services to Marine & Offshore Industry. In the era of global expansion, rapid freight and cruise movements, it is imperative that all safety related concerns of the shipping industry are handled with a lot of care and attention. Hence, Sea Safety has evolved into a one-stop service station.

Our customers were confident of our competence in Marine inflatable lifesaving equipment that paved way to diversify into fire fighting equipment in 1987. By 1998, we were-well versed with Marine inflatable lifesaving equipment and fire fighting equipment. Since there was a demand for a quality service provider for GRP lifeboats, we established a temperature-controlled facility to repair and refurbish GRP lifeboats and rescue boats.

In 2006, our service crew has directed towards Onboard Inspection for Lifeboat On-Load release (hook) mechanism and Launching Appliances.

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We, now, provide solutions and backup service to primary and secondary marine lifesaving equipment, and fire fighting equipment for Marine & Offshore Industry and in parallel our Service engineers and Technicians are trained by the respective manufacturer's for carrying out maintenance of our service related activities.

Finally, through several years of relentless efforts, we have managed to evolve into several areas of prime importance as far as safety is concerned.


Sea Safety Engineering Services has been accredited to ISO 9001: 2015 with several recommendations and laurels for all their services in the area for supplying and servicing safety related equipments and constructing workshop to carry on repair jobs.